About Us

Our purpose

To facilitate freedom of career development for all women in Japan who are not already on a satisfactory career trajectory.

Why Japan

Because we live here, and we want to be local as we highlight and execute initiatives towards Our Purpose.
There are many barriers to career development for women in Japan compared to many other countries (both developed and emerging).
Click below for some objective data that reflects the issue.
Gender equality in Japan – statistics & facts | Statista

Why Women

Because we are Women. Women are inconspicuous at the top of the Japanese government and corporate institutions.
The small numbers of women that make it to the top often don’t or can’t sufficiently represent the position of other women trying to break in or breakthrough.
Those women are capable of contributing more by moving up (if they are already in the workforce), or coming back into the workforce (from a period of being homemaker/child nurturer).

Our Team

Our team is mostly women in their 20s,30s 40s 50s, and 60s who are compatible with our ethos, views, and energy.
Some of us are single, some married, some with kids,some not, some divorced,so we are quite a diverse group that shares a determined view of what’s possible for our futures.
We want to develop our lives, careers, and independence in a fun, progressive, and dignified manner rather than submitting to the restricted set of opportunities open to us.


Provided employment and fun experiences to Women within the general initiatives above.

Established Skill-pockets to connect women providing a skilled service directly into service consumers.

Launched our up-cycle initiative, providing income to skilled women and reusing some of Japan’s ridiculous over-packaging to produce a fun product. See pictures here

Culture and fears

The culture of SDG No 5 reflects the personalities, hopes, and behaviors of our team. We’re about removing friction from career development for women in Japan and facilitating a fun progressive environment for the lifestyle of women in Japan.
We know that the first step up towards the glass ceiling or out of the kitchen is daunting. We understand the conviction that must be summoned up to take that first step, and then to continue once the barriers of resistance appear.
We are raw in our sincerity and will discontinue this initiative if we ever lose that.


SDG NO 5 is General Incorporated AssociationAll revenue is redistributed back into SDG NO 5 Initiatives.